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Premio Forme di Platino

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Our oil was born in 1870—Italy just 5 years earlier. We had to face many tough situations in more than a hundred years—two world wars, great world crises, oil crises, drought. But the most dangerous enemy has taken the shape of a very small bacterium that is giving a hard time to our sector. Many oil mills were forced to close.

We hang in, we cannot do otherwise. We owe it to our predecessors, to our customers, to our employees and also to our colleagues who unfortunately did not make it. We owe it to our land that has been giving us so much. 

With a touch of farsightedness and luck (it never hurts) we were spared from xylella—most of our trees belong to the Leccino variety which is particularly xylella-resistant. So, we have been continuing to produce our oil in recent years.

Today, with #Ioresisto (#Ihangin) extra virgin olive oil we want to tell everyone we are here, ready to look ahead with our heart full of hope—just like Giovanni D'Amato did more than 100 years ago.